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Hide and Seek

This picture was taken in 1976 at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

In this picture, from left to right, are Corporal Smith, Sergeant Hesson and Staff Sergeant Pfouts. After a thorough session on camouflaging combat vehicles, they are resting in front of their well-camouflaged tank. Imagine being shot by a 105mm oak tree!

In 1976, our unit was equipped with M60A1 tanks. In that era, this tactic would have been enough to protect the crew from enemy observation. But with the hi-tech thermal sights on today's vehicles, an enemy tank would be able to see the outline of this tank trying to hide behind the foliage. Although mere camouflaging will not completely hide tanks today, not everyone walks around with thermal sights. Therefore, we still need to hide tanks from the casual observer.

As a sidenote update to that crew, Corporal Smith entered Officer Candidate School (OCS) shortly after this picture was taken, and eventually rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Sergeant Hesson left the Army after a tour in Korea to pursue a civialian career and unfortunately was paralyzed from the waist down after an automobile accident. Staff Sergeant Pfouts became an excellent drill sergeant.

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