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Armor in Action!

Ugly, yet beautiful, isn't it?
Although it's old, the M60A3 was surely the best tank on the battlefield in its day.
But they're not ready to be DX'd yet.
That's why Thailand was interested in buying 107 of them in 1997 for its Defense Forces!

Hi! My name is John Hedly and this my first attempt at web authoring.
I served 20 years on active duty in the US Army.
These web pages are dedicated to just a portion of that service ... ARMOR!
Nothing fancy here, just some pictures and stories to express myself and develop my skills.
Although you might like to see the M1A2 Main Battle Tank, my assignments
were in an earlier time period and I was in units with M60A1 and M60A3 tanks.
However, I saw some cool sights on the web while I was doing my research.
As I develop these pages, I will add their links so you can enjoy their contents as well.
I will also add any cool M1 pictures and stories as I come across them.
But if you like tanks, I think you'll like this site.

If anyone reaching this site happens to have served with me,
I'd appreciate it if you left me a message at my email address
and tell me what you're doing now. I'll pass the information along
to others who might also know you.

My Favorite Photos and Stories

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Spoils of War

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