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Player Rooke's RIFTS Page

    Heya! And welcome all, to my 'first' attempt at an internet display. It's been more than a few years since I posted this site up for public viewing mostly by the players at the RPG-based MUSH (Multi User Shared Hallucination)that I currently spend a lot of my free time at, Rise From Chaos MUSH. However, I've decided to branch out and use this site for other purposes - basically extra webspace for the various related projects that I have going on these days.

    But first, more about my favo online activity, Rise From Chaos! It's a text-driven, role-playing, multi-user game/story, set in the mysterious frontier city of Tolkeen. As you might have already guessed, my character there is Rooke Del Reyhart, a young woman leading a thoroughly full but fictional life in a world fraught with wonders unheard of in this day and age. The setting is a post-apocalyptic earth overrun by the supernatural, both horrific and breathtaking. Technological marvels as well abound in Tolkeen, a richly detailed, original version of the city mentioned in the RIFTs world books of Palladium Games.

    As such, this site contains my artistic renditions of various characters from Rise From Chaos, as well as select logs from RP scenes that I've found particularly enjoyable. As promised above, I'm updating and expanding to include my personal homepage, with more photos and pics on the way. Hopefully I've gained a lot more insight and skills to refine this site, since the previous years. :) But I doubt it.

    Provided below is a link to the Rise From Chaos Webpage, for those whose interest I might have perked. We're always looking for more writers/actors to populate this versatile fiction we call RFC. There's also a bonus link provided to the Webpage of another player, Rayne, detailing her IC (in character) wedding to player Blurr, including a fun log of the event. They were so sweet to invite my girl Rooke. :) It was a long time ago now, but I'll keep it up since there doesn't seem to be any other way to get to it, from anywhere else.

    I invite you to post your comments about this page; I'll undoubtably be adjusting it every so oftenish (umm.. really!), as I come up with new art/logs/pinheaded ideas.. etc.

SITE UPDATE: Rooke has been written out of play on Rise From Chaos (by choice), but it's not over yet. There's a mystery attached to her absence, that might be interesting, for the right inquiring mind. For now, I only visit Out Of Character, and lend a hand with the artistic endeavors of the website, as well as play a few alts occasionally. But someday... who knows.

It's not over.


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