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Christian Witches- An Oxymoron?

The question at hand: Can you be a Christian and a Wiccan at the same time?

If you had asked me this when I first started reading up on the Craft, I would have said no. Wicca is one faith, Christianity is another. We can co-exist, but one must be one or the other.

I'm happy to say, I've become more educated since then. After many talks with many people, I can proudly say I was very wrong.

Think about this. We, as Wiccans, don't believe any faith is wrong. Many of us believe that all Gods are the same great creative force. The name and the face is how humanity pictures Him/Her/Them. We know that spells and prayers are really the same idea- directing will and hope to help another or yourself. We believe in an afterlife, and many of us believe in otherworldly beings (angels, fairies, spirits, whatever you call them)

What about Jesus? Well, many wiccans believe Jesus was a man who died for what he believed in. Many of us believe he was touched by God to do good in this world. That he suffered the same hate and prejudice that we are now.

If you look at these things, Wicca and Christianity don't seem that far apart.

Love thy neighbor boils down to And it harm none.

I've posted this, because I've seen a lot of wiccans get offended if someone says they are a Christian witch. I think this is silly. These two faiths can blend well. And, after all, If we believe that no faith is the wrong faith, we can hardly fault anyone for bringing two beautiful faiths together as one.

I've included a great website here, so you can check out what Christian witches believe for yourself.

We here at the nest support our brothers and sisters, and applaud their pride in their belief. Well done.

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