TRISTAN ROGERS Interview 2007
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Note: I have to admit I'm not "giddy" when doing star interviews much anymore because I've been at it so long. Well, that was out the window with this interview! I've watched GH since the late '70's and TR was my "Bond" of daytime! I've been very disappointed that he's not been on of late however, and it's a dang shame. There's a petition over on Buck Wilde Creations to help get him back on air. Great clips of "Robert" await you as well. Visit Tristan's official site at:

Thank you for doing this, Tristan. I'm a good friend of Constance Towers (Helena) and told her when you first came back to the set, I bet you and she would be having a lot of scenes together. How wrong I was! What the heck? I just want to say that your fans are very disappointed on your lack of airtime to say the least! Any idea when/if you'll be back?
I think it would be correct to say "if" I'll be back. It really does not look good. To think of the possibilities of how things could have worked out can drive you crazy so I have stopped thinking about them. I will not tell the fans to hold out false hope. As I said in another interview, anything to do with the Monty era is poison to these people and they regard it as a threat. I don't want to be regarded that way.

Since you haven't been on GH too much as of late, what have you been doing to keep busy in LA? (wild parties? Car racing? Dancing girls?!)
With "all this spare time" I have gone back to pursuing ideas behind the camera. Have nothing off the ground yet but plenty of things look promising. When I have something trust me, everyone will hear about it.

I was happy to pass along the Project Cuddle information with the signed script you sold. How did that go? Can you tell us a bit about that charity?
Project Cuddle has been around for some time but in the last few years has really got onto peoples' radar. The whole thing has been kept going by Debbie Magnuson and it has cost her dearly in money and what it's done to her health. But she's soldiered on. I cannot think of anything nobler than rescuing unwanted babies. I became involved years ago. I can't remember exactly and do what I can whenever asked.

I've wanted to ask you this for the longest time. There was a big rumor going around that you were the voice over for The Outback Steak House commercials. Is that true? Do you do any voice over work? I think you did something for "The Wild Thornberries"? (when my son was a bit younger, he loved that show!)

I also have a great idea --you need to be on "Dancing With the Stars"! Would you ever consider it?
When Kelly Monaco won, that pretty much ruled out anybody from GH getting onto the show. There have been other actors from GH who tried but to no avail.

I have been the voice of "Outback" since '94 when they started. It has been a rocky road but currently I am not connected with them. This has happened in the past and we've always finished up together again but they've changed the tone of the commercials and brought some guy from Australia here. I've done a lot of voice work. I had a Hanna/Barbera series in the 80"s and the biggest thing I did was the Disney movie, "The Rescuers Down Under" (1990). This was a blast to do and took about a year. I was doing the bulk of all Australian accent work for awhile but then it tapered off. The American idea of an Australian accent depends on who has the most exposure. Paul Hogan was the first then came Steve Irwin I really got Outback by imitating Paul Hogan.

Speaking of accents, did you ever kid John J York about "losing" the Aussie accent on GH? All of a sudden he sounded like he came from Cleveland Ohio or something!
When John first came on the show he would follow me around and listen. He would ask is this or that correct. Even then he would still go in and out of the accent, but he conceded that it was easier to do when he worked with me.

Another strange thing I think about is that wooden Kangaroo that was last seen in your PCPD office. Any idea where that is now? ( I know, much too much time on my hands!)
When I left the show back in '85, lots of stuff disappeared. My townhouse went too!

What do you think has changed the most about daytime TV from the 80's until now?
The values seem to have suffered the most. I think all soaps have changed somewhat. Probably Y&R has changed the least. They have remained true to their roots. ABC soaps have changed the most, with GH as the standout. This has always been the case. When Gloria, left Wes Kenney was the first to change the show. He wasn't told not to. And now the show has no resemblance to what made it great. Don't try and figure it out. You can't. But the show will disappear. It's destined to.

You have a great message board on your website, Do you like the ability to communicate with fans this way?

I love the fact that my website allows me direct contact with the fans. I was the first to do this but I believe others are now considering the same thing. I think its good all around. I really only post when I have something really important I want to get across or there's a rumour going around that needs to be addressed. It's great for "nipping things in the bud" before they get completely out of hand. Lately I haven't had anything to say that's interesting or positive. It's interesting to think if we had the web back in the 80's how it could have changed things or at least influenced them. I think the networks only listen when they want to or they are getting positive feedback. When people don't agree with their point of view they try to ignore it. This can be difficult when the criticism is constant. In the 80's mail and ratings was the yardstick and when things got out of hand the show responded quickly. Now, they don't seem to respond at all.

Thanks again for your time! I am personally writing and calling to get "Robert" back on air--especially since Robin is on so much of the time. Cheers.

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