Lindze Letherman

Lindze plays fiesty Georgie on GH--younger sib to Maxie and daughter of Felicia and Mac.
In real life she's an awesome singer and has a number of movies under her belt!
Visit her official website: Lindze Letherman

Lindze--thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions for my site. It will be great to add you to my list of interviews!
How did you come about auditioning for the part of Georgie? Had you ever watched GH before coming on the show?
LINDZE: My manager called me and told me that I had an addition for a soap opera and the part was for Georgie Jones. I had not actually seen the show until I had gotten the part. I can not normally watch soaps because I have school and I had no idea about Soap Net.

How is working on daytime TV different for you from your film experience?
LINDZE: It is a lot faster and it keeps me on my toes!

You and Scott Clifton seem to have great chemistry and work so well together. Do you ever have trouble sticking to the script and not totally cracking up, say for instance, during the whole "Viagara" storyline?
Well, we do most of our laughing down in the dressing rooms. We try to be as serious as possible during tape, we do get a little carried away in rehearsal but who doesn't!

Do you think you'll get to showcase your singing talent more on the show? I know you're on the Soap Sessions 9 CD.
LINDZE: Georgie is not a singer, she is a straight A student who does not want any part of the spot light unless it is in Dillon's eyes.

I understand you're quite the horse enthusiast...did you know that Leslie Charleson is as well? Do you ride in any events at the moment?
LINDZE: I did know that Leslie rides as well, and we have talked about horses a few times. I do not ride for show, I ride for the bond and understanding between horse and rider. It is something amazing when you communicate with a horse and get them to do what you want them to do and they do it happily and communicate back with you.

How was the experience of making the movie "Clockstoppers" for you? I absolutely love that film!
LINDZE: It was amazing and I will always remember it.

Any other projects going on for you now or in the future you'd like to let your fans know about? Are you planning on being at the Super Soap Weekend in Florida in November?
LINDZE: I do not have anything coming up and I was not invited to Super Soap, maybe next year.

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Thanks to Poonam for her help with this interview!

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