Gedstern Gabs with Cynthia Preston!

Cynthia Preston, the new "Faith" on GH sat down with us to give us her impressions of joining the show. Learn more about this talented lady on her website: Cynthia Preston

Welcome to GH! Have you watched General Hospital in the past?
No, I was an occasional Days of our Lives watcher. I've been watching the show since mid November and I am extremely impressed with what I have seen. I feel extremely fortunate to be involved with General Hospital!

Who was the first actor you worked with?
The first actor I spoke to on camera was Maurice Benard. As you may have seen, most of my scenes to date have been with Wally Kurth.

Since you're new to us and fans, tell us where you hail from and your early career in show biz.
I am from Toronto, Canada. I have been acting for sixteen years. I always say that I am the luckiest person I have ever met! I hve been very lucky in my career. My first job acting was playing Jill Clayburgh and Tom Skerritt's daughter in a movie of the week called "Miles to Go". It was a very moving story in which my mother, Jill's character, was dying of cancer. It was a wonderful opportunity.

Are you finding daytime demanding as far as scheduling goes?

What prime time show would you like to guest star on and why?
Well, I am exclusive to ABC because of General Hospital and one of my favorite shows is "Alias"--so I would absolutely love to do a guest spot on that show! I wish "West Wing" was on ABC!

Did the writers give you much of a backstory on your character, "Faith"?
Still, to this day, my character is shrouded in secrecy!

How's the food on set?
The Decaf Coffee is great.

And finally, any words for your new cyberfans out there?
It is thrilling to see how enthusiastic General Hospital viewers are. So many people are so supportive of the show and the characters they love, I just hope to become one such character.

Thank you so much, and great luck on the show.
Thank you, Karen!


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