Interview with Brad Maule

Brad Maule is the wonderful actor who plays Dr. Tony Jones (when TPTB remembers he's around!) Visit his Official Website. You can catch Brad's guest spots on the WB's 7th Heaven as well. Check his site for dates.

First of all, thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for me. Can you tell us some other shows you've guested on before 7th Heaven?
I've guest starred on Charlie's Angels, Three's COmpany, Too Close For Comfort, The White Shadow, and other not so known shows

Did you know anyone on the 7th Heaven set before working there?
No, I didn't know anyone before I came to work, but they welcomed me like an old friend and I love it there.

I saw your painting up for bids on your site (I even made a bid, but didn't win) What did you end up painting?
My painting was just a big splash of different kinds of flowers...very colorful. I haven't heard if the new owner liked it, but I liked painting it very much.

Anything you miss on GH?
I miss the old days (when I was a real character on the show) as far as GH goes, but have accepted that part of my life is over...Jill (producer) is and remains a wonderful person to me and it is absolutely not her fault that I have been so hurt there.

Since your character (Tony Jones) hasn't been on GH in so long, would you like to have him go out with a Bang??
As far as Tony leaving GH with a big's probably a moot point...they don't want my character and certainly don't want fans writing about me. I don't know what else to say...I mean I haven't even met my "teenage" son on the show, so not much hope on this subject.

Anything you'd like to share with you fans?
I will tell you something amazing that has come out of this past year. I went back to my faith in prayer...and it has done amazing things to help me heal. Thanks for asking...BM


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