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"Ah yes, truth. Funny how everyone is always asking for it but when they get it they don't believe it because it's not the truth they want to hear."
Helena Cassadine

UPDATED: 7/15/14


**NuJason coming. Robin is taping a few scenes

**Tony Geary had back surgery; will be back in Oct. He's taping phone scenes


**Tracy is determined to save Alice, Michael grows suspicious and Sonny gets a surprise from Ava

**Yes, Tracy wants Alice saved, but not without a promise from her first

**Nina and Franco will have more interactions

**Jordan and Shawn overhear Diamond talking to Julian

**Scotty gets in Anna's business about the drug trafficking in PC

**Levi makes a "desperate" Move

**Sam gets suspicious of Nina's condition and goes on to investigate

**Bobbie scenes coming

**Rosie notices the hotness in Morgan

**Lucas has sex again...but with whom?

**Spencer's plan doesn't quite go as he wants

Anna finds out about Patrick's plans and tries to save her daughter's marriage

If Levi can only stay in the USA by getting what?

Morgan and Kiki...I hear they are at it again!

The whole Ava pregnancy is about to get complicated.

Who told about Levi's visa?

Jordan and Anna discuss the undercover situation

Nina has more plans up her sleeve; this time for Ava

Spencer plans on getting Britt and his Dad together

When Jason wakes up, how will he have changed--or reminded the same?

Levi's true intentions come to light

Word is Annie Donnelly may be with the police and knows Nathan

Victor's back

Christina, Lucy and Kevin's daughter shows up and has a boyfriend in tow

and..Rumor has it Annie Donnelly shows up too

and...a Cassadine Girlie is in the mix as well...

Alexis learns that Julian hasn't quit the mobular life

Dr. O has a secret and it involves a new Cassadine

Julian will ask Alexis to marry him

Levi plots to get his hands on treasure

Nathan and Maxie can't deny their attraction much longer

The Cassadine family grows by one

Victor shows up

Looks like Levi is interested in old Aztec curses...or jewels

Sonny's days grow darker is it by reality or design?

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