Wubbly Rumors From Around the Net



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UPDATED: 4/10/14

THESE are RUMORS... so take them for what you will!

**Luke is Damien Smith..Or Bill Eckert or one of the 900 below

**Sabrina dies in child birth (really out there rumor)

**Tracy is the one to find the real Luke as he's near death

**Patrick is COS

**Helena fits nicely into the Dr. O Lesil equation

**Victor is Nathan's Daddy

**Britt is NOT Dr. O's...but Anna and Duke's (I so hope not)

**Jax is back with SORA'd Joss...but only for a cameo

**Jerry comes back...cured

**Faison is on ice

**Luke is: Bill Eckert, Luke's doppelganger

**Luke is Anthony Zacchara

**Luke is Harlan Barrett

**Luke is Frank Smith

**Luke is Casey the Alien

Basically, Luke is NOT Luke-- let's hope he's not Faison in a mask.

**Despite all her precautions, Molly winds up pregnant

**Shaun is really TJ's Daddy... he's unaware of that fact: for now

**Lucy's daughter (either Serena or Christina) FINALLY shows up

**AJ Dies

**There are ALWAYS rumors that Genie and/or Vanessa are back, but I haven't heard that

**Sonny almost has a break down over his guilt

*Lulu DOES have one

**Patrick is only softened when his baby is born

**Spencer gets into BIG, BIG trouble for doing something really naughty!

**You know Heather's going to be around again

**Franco proposes to Carly

**Maxie's new "Sidekick" guy is really Sly Eckert

**Nina will be found, alive and kicking

**Felix's Dad comes to town (Billy Dee Williams)