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Welcome to my band's Official Website! Kinda Wicked is a new Boston (North of Boston) based band. We focus on the alternative/alterna-pop scene, and we have gotten a Kick-Ass response from all who have heard us. This page was set up by me, Michelle, for you to learn a little more about why we are...Kinda Wicked!

Kinda Wicked: Mish!!

Kinda Wicked: Vic!!

Kinda Wicked: Liz!!

Kinda Wicked:...Buddies?!!

Band Photo Shoots!!

Well, We've gotten a few questions from fans so far. We're going to make a page for all of our frequently asked questions to be answered. If you have any questions for us just click the kinky little mailbox under there, yup right under here, and we'll post an answer up on the FAQ page ASAP!

Want to see us when we were only a "LITTLE" Kinda Wicked??...

Well You asked for 'em, and as always, YOU GOT 'EM!
Kinda Wicked Sound-Clips & Lyrics!

Remeber to check back often because new songs are being written as we! =o)

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