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Early Edition is airing occasionally on what I guess is no longer PAX but used to be PAX, it's called something else now. I can't keep track of this stuff anymore, I'm too busy watching House and Boston Legal.... er... you all didn't hear me say that!

LAST UPDATE! 12/25/07
TV shows on DVD is reporting that Early Edition may be coming out this summer! Season 1! Go vote, and I'll update this website with purchase links and details when they become available. Start saving your money now!

Life is a funny thing. In the almost 8 years since Early Edition ended I actually ended up getting a job at a newspaper. (I've been there for 3 years now.) Trust me, getting tomorrow's news a day early won't win you the lottery. Especially not when you work for a bunch of weeklies. Ha!
My current most updated blogs are at and or whatever. I no longer update this website. As if you couldn't tell by how ugly it is, no design change since 98. I update about once or twice a year, or if anything significant happens relating to Early Edition. Which is rare.
Kyle Chandler can currently be seen on Friday Night Lights, which is critically loved, congrats to him!

That is all. I want to thank all of my readers over the years, earlydues just because, the fanfic mailing list (sorry I never got back on guys) and anyone who tried to give me reviews. You guys rock.

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What is EEAC?
EEAC stands for the Early Edition Awareness Cause. It is a fan created promotion for the show Early Edition. It's goal was to support the show and create as many EEL's (Early Edition Lovers) as possible. It was created during... uh, I think the second season. Anyway, a long time ago.
Did it work?
I don't know. You tell me. I certainly have many hits though.
So, what, is the campaign over? Do you not care anymore?
The show had a good run, CBS is a very different animal now than it used to be. Still, I'd like to see reruns of it SOMEWHERE. Or a DVD release, with commentary. Maybe someone can start a campaign for that next. I, myself, need to get on with other things.
What does EEAC support?
Everything Early Edition related and created in the best interest of the fans and the show!
How can you become an EEAC member?
We have members? Who told you that? Oh, I did, did I? Oops... Actually, if you want to show your support for the show you can stick a button for EEAC at the bottem of any webpage you might personally run. You can link 'em here if you want to! You can find the buttons at the bottem of the page.

The EEAC links:

Earlydues EE Page
THIS IS THE SITE TO GO TO FOR EVERYTHING. A great place filled with stuff, and the most up to date episode guide around!
Lovin' Kyky's Page An Italian/English Kyle and Fisher fanpage, it's duel languageness impresses me, especially since I failed Italian.
TJ's Very Own Realm A great place to find lot's of EE stuff, and other stuff! Including the YKYAEEFW list- (some of those comments look familiar...)
The Early Edition Tidbits page. Similar to us here at EEAC, full of fun stuff.
The CBS EE Page (Gone and NEVER coming back, stupid CBS)
Early Edition Fanfic List Archives: Tales from the Tavern (Fan-fiction, of course! Seriously recomended!*****)
The Early Edition Newsletter
It still exists. So I put it down here. Hasn't been updated since 98.

If you have a link that you want on here, please tell me! As you can see- I'm running low.

A EE Fanfiction Mailing List and a general EE Mailing List also exist- to find out more information about them you can go to the Sun-Times Vault and they'll fix you right up!
There are many more EE pages out there, so just go to yahoo and look them up, many from other countries which are having problems because they only showed season 1!! If you are from one of these countries- you have my condolences.
If you are here and have no idea what Early Edition is then, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOIN' HERE ANYWAY???
If you have an infatuation with Kyle Chandler, you also have my condolences. ; )
(tee hee!)

Anyway, thanx for the support.

E-Mail Me (Kate Bonita O'Neil)
Or, if you feel so inclined, visit my personal web page- which is forever under construction!
Paper Seagulls Inc.

An EEAC thought for the day:Did you know: That the Teddy-bear bomber from the X-mas episode of EE shows up to rampage in the anime Cowboy Bebop?

Disclaimer: Early Edition doesn't belong to me (unless they REALLY want it to! hint hint) It belongs to Tristar and CBS, does that make it owned by Viacom too?. This is a good intention, really! Waait! Don't lock me up!

Thanks to Tina for making these new buttons! If you happen to have a copy of the old button then you have a rare thing indeed.

YeaH! This counter hit 1000 sometime around 10/10/99!. I lost track after that...
The counter his 10,000 sometime in the year 2002! WOW! Thanks for coming!

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