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Thank you for visiting "Janbouree Toggenburgs" home page. I live in South Eastern Massachusetts and have been raising Toggenburg dairy goats since 1978.

Originally I started with a doe who decended from Ploughshares lines. When I started my breeding program I added Stoney Brook lines, graduating to Split Hoof, Ebarb, Tansy Hill and Twinbrook lines. (all New England breeders with excellent stock)

As time proggressed I have successfully used AI and have implemented quite a few lines which have been popular throughout the United States and Canada.

In 1992 we entered into a partnership and "Ladies Choice Farm" was born. Together we have bred and raised many beautiful Alpine does - as well as several Toggenburg does!

All of my does are shown in as many National shows as possible, having gone as far away as Oklahoma. I utilize ADGA's Linear Appraisal system and participate in DHIA. They are very competative and I am quite proud of them.

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