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Carson Daly

Proof guys can be cool and sweet

Name: Carson Daly

Age: 25

Hometown: Santa Monica, CA

Day Job: Host of MTV Live

Sign: Cancer with Pisces moon: He's sweet, super sensitive, and a big-time dreamer.

What he wanted to be when he grew up: A golfer, in fact, he was an aspiring pro in high school and college.

So does he know Tiger? Yeah. He competed against him twice in high school.

Golfers weren't exactly chick-magnets back then: "No girls wanted to go out with a guy on the golf team," Carson groans. "I may as well have played tuba!"

His former career: A DJ on the LA radio station KROQ.

Most surprising fact: He considered becoming a priest.

Toughest celeb interview: Oasis. (Really? And we had heard they were sweet.) "If you get them when they're moody, they'll just get up and walk away."

Most mellow celeb: "Pierce Brosnan. When he got off his plane, he forgot he was doing our show and took a sleeping pill. He kept falling asleep!"

No Way! Moment: "We had David Boreanaz from Buffy on, and I asked, "Did you know when your show was on UPN," and he interrupted and said, 'Its on WB.' I was like, 'Oh my God!'

Secret love confession: "I'm terrible at dating. I'm scared of women."

His dream girl: "Humble. I'm turned off by flashy types."

Proof he's super sweet: "My mom and sister are a tough act to follow. It's hard to meet a great girl when there are such great women in your own family."

Love scoop! Carson's been seen with a certain LOVE-ly PO5 star (but don't say you heard it here!).

Cool dating advice: "Girls assume that, 'Well if he liked me, he'd come over here.' That's not true. You should go over to him if you want to."

His friends would say his best quality is: "My loyalty. And also, when I say something, I mean it."

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