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Ok guys, I guess Carson's page (at kome, KROQ) was taken down. There was a pic of him on that page, but it wasn't that good anyways. But oh well, why should anyone be DENIED Carson's page that he made. SO, here it is, kinda reconstructed, but pretty much what it looked like, and it has the same stuff in it. Sorry if you didn't get to check out "the REAL thing" earlier…. Here ya go:

Radio and the Art of.....Golf???

Carson 3pm to 7pm

Hi there, it's me Carson Daly, (yes...that's my real name. I never did understand why radio people changed their names). Anyway, I don't know really anything when it comes to computers. Hell, I just figured out how to make my calculator say "Shell Oil" upside down. But this here KOME Web Site looks like the "Rolls- Royce" of sites.

Welcome to my very own page. Here is where you'll be able to take a tour of my brain and stumble over a few hundred stupid thoughts and ideas, many of which make up a large majority of my radio show content. Make yourself at home, pour a drink, relax and try and follow along. In case of emergency, your keyboard turns into a 25mm-assault rifle which may be used to end the boredom.

Here we go:

After graduating from Santa Monica High School in Southern California I attended Loyola Marymount University where I studied theology (priest stuff) and played L.A.'s finest Golf courses everyday with the golf team. I know, a golfer who's into God, later gone alternative radio loser...I'm still trying to figure this one out myself. So after a mere semester of the priestly-country club life, I did what I felt Jesus was really calling me to do....drop out! So I moved to Palm Springs (Golf Capitol of the world) to turn pro or die of heat stroke and social boredom (whichever would come first).

Forget sitting in a classroom, I decided that I'd rather hang out at a pretty cool radio station, pull some *#$*!%@ songs for some low-life DJ and get school credits, hence - an internship. After a short time as an intern at KCMJ, I learned the first rule in radio. If you have an esophagus and a pulse, you too can be on the air. But see, men can only bear Mariah Carey and Michael Bolton for so long. (That's actually in the Bible you know.) So I took a job doing overnights for an alternative music station in San Diego where I was barely old enough to drink, live in a Motel 6 and never met anybody I worked with. After a few months I took off to San Francisco and invaded my sister Quinn's life and living room floor and worked part time for LIVE 105. It was there I waited six months for anything to pop up so I could be on the radio when more than 7-11 workers could hear me. But to no avail. I recall the reasoning being I sounded "too young" and "unpolished." Then the call from KOME, the best sounding radio station I'd ever heard offering me a chance to be on the radio every afternoon, taking calls, interviewing bands, giving away cool stuff and getting paid real money. I said NO!!!!! Of Course I took the &*%*#*$ was my big break, a dream come true.

Finally someone respected and appreciated my rare sense of stupidity. Limits, and the future of radio, were endless.

Let's recap:
One minute I'm hitting open-sand wedge bunker shots at PGA West dreaming of the Masters...the Superbowl of Golf...and the next minute I'm an hour deep into the most intense philosophical conversation live on air, with black nail polish on and a nose ring, finding myself sexually and mentally stimulated by a young Alanis Morissette who sits 5 feet from me flirtatiously returning the sentiment. Screw golf! I'm sticking with this radio stuff!

What followed was the best year of my life. The best friends I'll ever meet, not to mention work with, a trip to N.Y. City for a week of shows at the MTV Music Awards, cool band interviews, a trip to the Grammy's in L.A., Spring Break in Panama City Beach, Florida and free drinks throughout. Yes, there is a God, he is cool, he is hip, and he loves me.

Well now, I'm almost late for my show so let me say in summary, this: Crap, I was never good at summaries. Thanks for reading, thanks for listening, and most of all thanks for sending me cash, that was cool!

Love Always,