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*Updates/Latest News*

I thought I would tell you whats goin on, with Carson, and with the page... Here are some recent updates.

December 18th, 1998
GEEZ, have I been gone long enough? Well, I realized that the lack of updates is due to Carson... There just isnt much news to report on him... THOUGH, he is in the January 1999's TEEN MAG! So go check that out... ok? That's about it, I really wont be doing these small updates from now on, unless its really worth it. I have another page I work on that you may want to check out sometime if you're bored...
It'z in the MOE Later guys... :)

November 16th, 1998
Sorry for the short notice, but watch Regis and Kathie Lee tomorrow... The repeat of Carson should be on.

November 13th, 1998
Carson is back on TRL! YAY! Oh, check out this week's people magazine. Carson is in it for SEXIEST NEWSCASTER!

November 12th, 1998
Woo hoo! No real news, but Hanson hosts again... Carson will be back tomorrow though...

November 11th, 1998
*singing YET again* "MMMBop..." Well, Carson cant host Total Request today, but why not fill the place with the best people to do the job... HANSON! Check them out today...(even if it does take 3 guys to take Carson's place, lol...)

November 4th, 1998
*singing* "The best things in life are free..." (sorry, got that song stuck in my head! :) Okay guys, I fixed Carson's little page he made, that KROQ took down, I kinda reconstructed it. Oh yea, and I changed my EMAIL Address to, so you can email me there from now on.
TODAY ON TOTAL REQUEST: Art from EverClear. (You might want to check that out Jen!)
*ON another note, off of Carson, to any of you that LIKE Hanson, or if any of you want to get a really COOL CD, pick up HANSON's "Live from Albertane." My personal opinion is that it rocks, and brings back those fun summer nights! (sniff, sniff)

October 31st
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I added the VERY OLD transcript of the 12 Angry Mom's on the Articles page. (Though, I'm sure you've probably all seen it) But oh well, its here now... :)

October 30th
Dont really have much to say... I *NEW* Carson BIO is up, so check that out. MORE TO COME!

October 28th
I'm back... Ok, SO I KNOW I havent even "officially" updated since I went to the Hanson Concert in HARTFORD, but now I know that I have to get back into things. School is kinda busy but I'll keep it up... Just thought I'd give you that note, lol... (though, I think I said that already!)

October 22nd
Guess what?! Carson will be doing a chat tonight. He'll be chatting in the MTV Arena at 6pm eastern time. You can get there by going to AOL, (keyword:MTV), or go the MTV website at I'll get a transcript as soon as I can.

September 15, 1998
Ugh... You cannot JUST email Total Request anymore, you have to go here and request your FAVORITE video there. (If HANSON has a current video, VOTE for that! :)

September 1st, 1998
Ok, so I know I have totally neglected this page since the HARTFORD HANSON CONCERT! (which rocked...) or was it Hershey, lol... anyways, (did you go, email me?) ANYWAYS, now I promise to update more, and bring this page back! (But, not that anyone cares, well, besides Adria, and our companions this summer at the concerts, THANKS HANSON for giving me the best summer, and best times of my life...) :)