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Here's a little thing Seventeen did in their GUYWATCH Section! So its small, but at least it about him!

Gig: This former Los Angeles K-Rock (WKRC-FM) DJ is now the ultracool host of MTV Live.

Birthday: Twenty-four-year-old Carson was born on June 22, which means he's balanced between Gemini and Cancer. "I read both of my horoscopes and pick the better one", he says. "But I think I'm a Cancer- because I'm one of those sensitive types."

Lovematches: Pisces, Scorpio, and Capricorn.

Status: Single, or as Carson puts it, "As single as humanly possible."

His soul sister: Carson's having a hard time finding her because "too old-fashioned can be boring, but some party chicks have no morals."

One is the happiest number: "If you can stay home alone on a Friday night, then you are truly ready to meet someone. I've conquered solitude. Thank God for cable."

Fave interview: Mira Sorvino. "She's amazing," he gushes. "We just sat there for an hour having an intense conversation."

Vanity first: Carson says Mariah Carey wasn't into commercial-break bonding. "Two guys came out wearing holsters filled with all these hair products and a cordless blow-dryer. I couldn't even talk to her."

Forget fashion: Let's just say, the real Carson doesn't dress like his TV alter ego. "If I had my way, I'd be wearing blue jeans and some band T-shirt. When I'm in make-up, I'm like, 'Am I done yet?"'

Nail tips: So if he's not into make-up, what about that black nail polish? "I only wear it on my last two fingers", Carson says. "And it means nothing. I do it mostly out of boredom."

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