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(Created May 23, 1998)
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I'm sure ALL of you know what Carson looks like, or you wouldn't be here. I dont need to post pictures of him. (It takes up space when it shouldnt have too). You want to see pictures? Go here. Thanks!

*Sept. 1999- Hey everyone, thanks for visiting the page. I loved making and maintaining this page, but its about time I call it quits here. I dont have the time to do this, or the information to keep it up. Thanks to all of you who emailed me about the page, and came back time and time again. If you want to check out a great Carson page, go to Bye... *

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BIO: Learn what you want about Carson
ARTICLES: See what magazines have been saying about him!
LINKS: Here are some other pages about Carson.
Carson's Page: He made this when he was workin as a DJ!
MTV INFO: What MTV posts about Carson.
My personal page If you want to know a few things about me.

Ok, I personally think MTV made the DUMB decision of taking MTV LIVE away. But at least Carson still has Total Request. Check it out, 3:30pm and 9pm, EST.
Ugh, you cant EMAIL Total Request anymore, but go here and vote! YAY!

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