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Carson Bio

Carson Bio
I, for one, am sick of hearing "Carson Daly? Who is that?!" Doesn't anyone watch MTV? Yea, I think so... well, take the time to turn on MTV at 9pm EST to watch Total Request. (that cutie there, is Carson. :)

Full Name: Carson Jones (or is it James? Hmmm...) Daly

Birthdate: June 22, 1973

Age: 25

Height: 6'2"

Homestate: Born in Culver City, California, but was raised in Santa Monica. Now, he resides in New York.

Family: Was raised my his mother, a former dancer and actress. He also has a sister, Quinn. (now, about a cat and dog? Who knows...)

Single?: Sorry Guys... Its pretty much confirmed that he's with Jennifer Love Hewitt. (aw… isnt that cute?)

He graduated from Santa Monica High School. Went to college at Loyola Marymount University, where he studied theology. He soon dropped out to pursue his golf career.

He loves Golf. Was on his High School golf team, and aspired to go pro. (Once he played with Tiger Woods.) All that changed when he took the job as an intern at KCMJ in Palm Springs.

He quickly got promoted to producer of the morning show. He stayed this way for 6 months, while working nights as talent at another station in San Diego, 100 miles away.

He soon landed a job at San Francisco's Live 105 FM. Carson found himself selling all his worldly belongings and hitting the road for the Bay Area. Then, in 1995, Carson grabbed the "drive home" spot at KOME (radio station.). Lucky him, his first assignment was covering the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards live from New York City !

The next summer, Carson headed back home to L.A., where he was the nighttime DJ at KROQ FM. It didn't take long for MTV to pick up Carson, and send him off to New York City to work at the MTV Studios.

At MTV, Carson began helping out on two different shows. He was hosting 12 Angry Viewers, and co-hosted MTV Live with Ananda. He stayed this way for awhile, before leaving 12 Angry Viewers, and taking over MTV Live himself.

MTV Live NO-More: What ever happened to that show? I loved it too much for them to just end it. (Fear not- he's still around.) After hosting Total Request, and having his own ˝ show down at the Summer Share '98, he's back in New York City where he hosts Total Request.

Carson Quick Facts
(none which are confirmed, but have been in articles, or have been said on tv)

*He took his mom to the Video Music Awards. (and he sat behind Hanson! Woo-Hoo... lol, well, I find it interesting.)
*His most famous lines are "All hell is breaking loose" and "Hey party people!"
* His ear (left) is peirced.
*I hear his nose is pierced, but just doesnt have anything in it! Anyone else know about that?
*His favorite chat was with Mira Sorvino, and he couldn't really chat with Mariah Carey (she's too into how she looks.) Duh...
Toughest Interview was Oasis, "If you get them when they're moody, they'll just get up and walk away." Its also been said, he didn't like Jewel too much.
Most Mellow Celeb: "Pierce Brosan. When he got off his plane, he forgot he was doing our show and took a sleeping pill. He kept falling asleep during our show!"
* Fave Bands: Smashmouth, Third Eye Blind, Blink 182, Prodigy, Less Than Jake, Everclear, NIN, some rap, and HANSON. (How could you NOT love those guys! :)
*Carsons fave 3rd Eye Blind song is track 10, "London."
*He likes Hanson, that's just cool... :)
*So its said, he considered becoming a preist. (woa...)
*He hates the green swirly couch on MTV Live.
Carson says that he paints his last two fingernails mainly out of boredom, and has to do with nothing.
*Carson wears contacts
*Fave Snacks: Otter Pops (um, ok, anyone want to clue me in?) and Slim Jims
*Fave Sports Teams: LA Lakers and Orlando Raiders.
*Fave Color: Blue and Black
*Fave Book: The Bible
*Fave Board Game: Scattergories (what's wrong with MONOPOLY?!)
*If Carson had it his way on his show he'd be wearing blue jeans and some band t-shirt.

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