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12 Angry Moms Transcript

AIRED: 5/5/98. (Begins with his mom's views on videos, then goes on to talk about her son, Carson.)

Pattie's review of Ol' Dirty Bastard's video "Shimmy Shimmy Ya"
Pattie: "And so am I, for the same reason, I loved the beat. I would prefer if he could be known as Rusty."

Pattie's review of Aqua's video "Barbie Girl"
Pattie: "Well, let's see, I liked the 60s...... and I loved it. I just thought it was fantastic."

Pattie's review of Death in Vegas' video "Dirt"
Pattie: "Yeah, big no. I didn't like it one little bit. But, but you know what? Can I just say, I love you Carson!"

Pattie then goes on to tell a small story about Carson when he was three years old.

Carson: "It's my turn to give a special Mother's Day message to my mom, one of the greatest women who ever stepped foot on the planet Earth, and I wish I could say something bad about her, but that would be impossible. So, Mom, if you're out there, I hope you had the greatest Mother's Day ever. I love you very much, and, even though people think you're my sister, I can get beyond that. Happy Mother's Day."
Ananda: "Awwww... that was a little Mother's Day wish from Carson to his mom. She's totally moved."

Ananda: "I gotta catch it in this moment, Patti. And I gotta take your brain about you son here. Isn't that beautiful.... That was so sweet."

Pattie: "That's Carson. That's my Carson."

Ananda: "Awww... my Carson."

Pattie: "Yeah"

Ananda: "Well, let me ask you this. We asked Carson to name a time when he really got in trouble for something or that he was really embarrassed for something you caught him doing, and take a look at what he had to say:"

Carson: "I know Mother's Day is upon us, and I would love to sit here and tell a story about how my mom caught me doing something bad, or I got in trouble with her, but one of the reasons that I think makes her one of the best mothers is that she was never really just a mom. She was always a great friend. Mom, I love you."

Ananda: "I don't buy it! I don't buy it, I don't wanna hear it! I disagree! I know.... I know he did something. Pattie...."

Pattie: "You better believe it! You better believe it, I'm telling you right now. Carson has been such a joy in my life. I can tell you one embarrassing story, and, God, Carson, please forgive me, but, Carson was almost three. We were going to the circus at the forum, and the forum is huge, and we had seats way down in the front, and I had a whole bunch of kids; You moms can related to this, and the highlight of the circus was when the little people, the midgets, were getting married, and they come out on these big elephants. And Carson is going, 'Mommy, mommy, peepee, peepee, Carson, peeppe!' And I said, 'Carson, the bathrooms,' and I was like, 'can you wait?' 'No, mommy, Carson, peepee" and I looked down and there was an empty popcorn box. Need I say more?"

Ananda: "And he had a make-shift toliet! We understand, thank you very much, I think you can all tell a story like that. So we'll save those. That's pretty good, Pattie, thank you. Carson, I knew there was something!"