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Special Events
A Court of Honor was held on March 8th 1998

for one of our 11 year old Boy Scouts who recieved the NATIONAL BSA HEROISM AWARD due to saving his younger brother from drowning in a pool on July 5th, 1997.

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    Milford Daily News, FRONT PAGE

    Milford- A Stacey School sixth grader was presented the National Heroism Award for Heroism yesterday during a ceremony held at the Trinity Episcopal-Church. He is only the second Boy Scout in the Knox Trail to bestowed the honor in 25 yrs.

    The youth saved his younger brother, age 5, from drowning in an inground pool during a Fourth of July outing at a relative's house in Bellingham last year.

    He is one of four Children of the proud Parents.

    The unnerving episode was recalled for the Milford Daily News by His Mom Who admits that she is fuzzy about some of the incedent. She explained they were at a large family gatering. The adults were milling and socializing around the pool while about 10 children were frolicking in the pool..

    The non-swimmers were at the shallow end but the 5 yr old, who had no swimming device on to help him stay afloat, somehow drifted to a part of pool that was over his head and went down.

    The congenial afternoon was shattered by a scream from the maternal grandmother, who first noticed that the child was in trouble.

    "We all panicked and ran to the pool's edge," Mom said. During the mass confusion that followed, Mom remembers taking the time to try to take off her sneakers before jumping into the pool. "I must have been in shock and decided to take off my sneaker's," she said.

    Mean while the 11 yr old who has been a Boy Scout for a year shouted "I'll go. I'll do it." He is not an experienced swimmer but jumped into save his little brother anyway.

    While the little 5 yr old was over his head the 11 yr. old being older and taller, was able to grab his little brother and take him to the safety of the arms of his uncle who was on the side of the pool.

    The uncle , at whose house the outing was held, grabbed his little nephew who seemed unscathed by the event. He turned the 5 yr old over to his mother who remember holding and hugging the little boy over and over.

    The relieved adults congratulated the 11 yr old for his bravery and imediately made the pool off-limits so that there would be no more scary incidents. "It was just something that happened" Mom said in retrospect. She said she had made a certificate for bravery on the computer for the 11 yr old and "blabbed to the world" about his heroic deed.

    His Scoutmaster thought the Knox Council should be advised the incident in writing. Council officials thought the incident merited it being brought to the attention of Boy Scout Headquarters in Texas. Notification was recently recieved that the Headquarters felt the 11 yr old deserved to be awarded the national award.

    "He feels very proud," his mom said. She described the relationship between the 2 boys as typical siblings. When he's not rescuing little brothers, He enjoys baseball and other out door activities and "loves to be creative" with craft projects, according to his mother.

    During the ceremony, He was awarded letters of commedations from Sen. John Kerry, Rep. Richard Neal, Sen. Richard Moore and Rep.Marie J. Parente and the Miford Board of Selectmen.

    Senator Moore and Selectmen John Speroni were present for the ceremony. James Melanson represented Re. Parente who had a death in the family.

    Among family and friends presant were:

    Senator Richard T. Moore

    Jim Mullaney: Who represented Marie Parente, who had a death in the family

    John Speroni: Chairman, Bd of Selectmen

    From Council:

    Al DiCampo: District Chairman

    Dale Williams -District Executive

    Chuck Clark -District Commissioner

    From Troop 18: -Howard Kalet, Scoutmaster

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