About Me
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About Me

In case you are wondering about me, and who I am, here goes. I am in my late 20s, and have brown hair, and hazel eyes, and I love to play sports. I was an all-around sports girl. All of my best friends were male while I was growing up, which may explain a lot. :) I am living in Londonderry, NH right now and loving it. Randy Williams, my husband, and I have never been happier ever, and I am very excited about my future with him.

Randy and I were married on June 23rd, 2001. We ended up having an indoor ceremony, (because it rained!) and then an indoor reception at The Inn at Northampton, which is in, you guess it, Northampton, MA. The planning was a lot harder than I thought it would be, but I am happy to have gone through it all. Randy means more to me than I ever thought a guy ever could be. He makes me strive to excell in everything that I do, and pushes me harder when I think that I can no longer go on. He is the reason that I am who I am now.

I come from a relatively close family. My father is a correctional officer at the Groveland Correctional Facility. My mother is a Bookkeeper at Groveland Correctional Facility as well. My brother Carl had gone on to work at the prison with my father, although he is currently working at the Rochester Police Department, and my brother Eric works in some computer field. We're not close, so I'm not sure exactly what he does.

If you know anything about me, you know that I am usually watching Nascar on Sunday afternoons. To learn about my huge adoration with this high-intensity sport, click here.

To learn more about our wedding, please click here.

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