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Yup this is my personal website that I really have no idea what to do with. I bought this domain about 8 years ago and have done nothing with it but finally with alot of help from Spectre its starting to come together. Well I guess your here cause you want to know more about me or your just bored. My name is Iver, I grew up in NYC moved to Taxachusetts about 8 or so years ago for reasons I'm still trying to figure out.I live on the upper cape known as Yarmouth.I have a great sexy wonderful wife to keep me company on those cold cape cod winter nights her name you ask is Zornitsa which if you scroll down to "my pictures" you can check out. Then of course there are is my dog Daisy who is 7 she is the most loving Pit anyone could ask for. What do I do when I'm not working well what takes up most of my time is Xbox live where as you know from the web site I'm known as You Go Splat feel free to add me and we can get some gamin on. Right now the game that I'm very much addicted to is Call Of Duty 4 if you don't have it get it. ok well thats me in a nut shell till later
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