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The Help Colleen Fund

Ok, so here's the deal: For anyone who doesn't already know, for the past year, I have been in the process of being sued by Disney, who are being represented by the wonderful MPAA lawyers.
A little bit of the story behind it- so, I went to go see The Life Aquatic in the theaters, and then later I was trying to think of one of the lines from it that I had liked, and after searching for it online, and seeing a bunch of different versions, I figured I'd just download it and figure out what it really is. So, after getting the line, I probably should've deleted it, or at least moved it out of my Shared folder, but I only had it for a few weeks, and didn't really think about it. Anyway, it was a couple months later that I found out I was being sued because the MPAA had gone onto i2hub, searched for The Life Aquatic, and singled me out, because I'm just that lucky. They ended up goign after 6 kids at UMass, 2 for Life Aquatic, and then the other 4 for 2 other movies, Closer and Coach Carter I think. So, now, a year later, after visit after visit after visit to my lawyer, and trying to send in as much evidence as I could to show I had no money, Disney has decided that they don't care, they're going to take way more money from me than I have, because they don't have enough. So while I was hoping that I was going to be able to cover this settlement on my own... that has become slightly beyond my reach.
So, part of the settlement is that I'm not allowed to disclose the settlement amount.... but it's more than I can afford. If you've never downloaded anything before, then I don't expect any help from you. However, for any of you that have ever downloaded anything before, please have pity and help out however you can. Believe me, I understand not having much money, so I'm really not asking for much, just whatever you can afford, even if that's just $1, I'd seriously appreciate any help I could get. And if at all possible, if you could post this site somewhere or just share it with friends... that'd be a huge help too. Thanks guys!

UPDATE: A settlement has been reached, it's finally actually over. I really want to get this out of the way as quickly as possible. Honestly, any little bit that you can afford, I would really, really, really appreciate, the sooner I get this whole thing over and done with, the sooner I can go on with my life.

Click on the above button if you want to use PayPal, I figure that'd be easiest for most people.
Otherwise, I'd also gladly accept checks or cash sent by mail, if that's easier for you. Just contact me through my email below, and I'll let you know where you can send it. Thanks again.