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Sir Dirk Bogarde

The Servant's Quarters has sadly received the news of the passing of Sir Dirk Bogarde,he was 78.Sir Dirk passed on from a heart attack at his London home Saturday May 8,1999.Sir Dirk had spent the previous day in very good spirits in the company of his good friend actress Lauren Bacall.Dirk Bogarde was much more than a film actor.He was a dedicated craftsman whose mere presence elavated many a film.He was also the author of fiction and a number of thoughtful autobiographies.Dirk Bogarde epitomized the perfect gentleman.Not the perfect British gentleman nor perfect American or,European gentleman but,simply put a genteel,considerate (if not orderly),man.Dirk Bogarde truly loved his fans and very much loved children, even writing a delightful childrens book.The film world is a little bit emptier tonight.For an excellent web-site dedicated to the life of Sir Dirk Bogarde check out The Dirk Bogarde Homepage or to find out more about what may be Sir Dirk's greatest film role Enter The Main Page .

Sir Dirk Bogarde (1921-1999)-Biography

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