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binaries for linux

binaries for windows

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This is the port to the X Window System of the game Utumno written by Matt Craighead.

The compatibility with previous code is not lost, so you can compile the source for X11 systems and for the Windows system.

Xutumno has been succesfully tested under You can download the latest version of Xutumno sources (v 1.0a6) the linux binary version or the windows binary version.

Graphical lists of already drawn monsters and object are accessible from the left menu.

If you find bugs, have suggestion, want to contribute to the code or to the graphics, mail to sega_AT_physics_DOT_it.

We need artists !!
Latest changes:
  • Time in shops bug fixed.
  • Doors rotation bug fixed.
  • The game can be now paused pressing [enter].
  • 24.II.2003
  • Another minimap bug fixed.
  • Object testing now works without crashing.
  • 11.X.2002
  • bugfix: monsters magical attack.
  • No need to recompile if a new tile is added.
  • Minimap bugs fixed.
  • Veins added (but only tiles for magma veins are done).
  • Xutumno compiles now under win32 (using mingw).
Known bugs:
  • Buffer overflow in item description.
  • Tile utilities don't work under win32.