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My Country

I come from China, which as you know is the third largest country all over the world. There's not only great amount of land area but very big population(the biggest in the world!).
If you have ever been to China, you must have visited the great wall and summer palace .Because those are two most famous great places to visit.Due to the long history of China, there are many ancient building in China.
In China,people see food as one of the most important things in life, so many people spend lots of  time on that learn how to cook and how to cook better.Moreover, the pentyful species of plants and wild animals there also support people to make very nice food very well. So I have the confidence to say that the food in my country is the most delicious in the world! Click here to see more details about Chinese food.
Furthermore,China is a political country. If you live there, you don't need to worry too much about the violence, drugs,murders etc which is very good.Everyone in China lives happily and peacefully.
Above all are the basics about my China.Hopefully you will like it and have chance to visit China one day!