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Lecture by Paul Berg, 1980 Nobel of Chemistry. MADRID, 24th MAY 2000


Paul Berg, was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1926. He was awarded the Nobel Prize Chemistry in 1908,"for his fundamental studies of biochemistry for nucleic acids, with particular regard to recombinant-DNA"

After attending high-school in New York, Paul Berg moved to Pensylvania, where he obtained his B. Sc. in Biochemistry at Pensylnvania State College in 1948, and his Ph. D. in 1952 at Western Reserve University. Postdoctoral training with Herman Kalckar, took him to the Danish Institute of Cytophysiology in Copenhagen, and with Arthur Kornberg, to Washington University in St. Louis.

Since then he has held several positions, among them: Assistant Professor of microbiology Washington University School of Medicine (1955-59); Associate Professor and Professor of biochemistry, Stanford Univesity School of Medicine (1959-present) named Wilson Professor of Biochemistry, Stanford University (1970); Chairman of the Department of Biochemistry (1969-74) and Non-resident Fellow of Salk Institute (1973-present).

He has also published many bibliography and received various honours and awards, being remarkable the Eli Lilly Prize in Biochemistry (1959); California Scientist of the Year (1963); Albert Lasker Medical Research Award (1980) and New York Academy of Sciences Award (1980).


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