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Welcome to #world_cafe website.
This site is dedicated to users of the IRC channel #world_cafe on Undernet. This site gives some basic information about the users of #world_cafe and some links to other sources about IRC.
#world_cafe homes many people from all over the world. If you are new to IRC and this site you may visit the channel by either using an IRC client like mIRC or downloading the chat applet which connects to Undernet and joins you to the channel #world_cafe automatically and chat with the users.
You can find important links to other important sites from the links page.
The status page shows the recent people who talked to each other. The thicker and shorter the lines are, the longer and more often people have talked to each other.
The policies page shows few guidelines for you to be in the right track and get along with the rest.
The people page has the links of the few people who have submitted their profiles and aquired a home page from the site. Profiles can be accessed by adding the nick of the user after the #world_cafe site's url. (e.g. would show the profile of the user cNp)

Click here to view the #World_Cafe statistics