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Roleplay Number: #63? Record: 18 Wins 10 Losses 0 Draws

wMe Achievements: wMe Cruiserweight Championship (Last Ever); WME Slam Royal Rumble Runner Up 2003

Say It Out Loud ...

The scene starts as Christian is seen eating a hotdog backstage, he stops at the stand with mustard and various sauces on it, and he starts to spirt some out on his hot dog, all of a sudden a loud scream can be heard, and next thing, splat, Christian's hot dog and his mustard end up all over his sheep skin coat, and he does NOT look very impressed, as the camera angle changes, we see a figure on the ground, as the guy slowly gets up, we realise that its Shannon Moore

Number #1 MF'er Shannon Moore:  Uhhhh....gee, sorry Christian!

Christian just stands with his arms out stretched looking down at the stains on his priceless jacket

Totally Awesome Christian:  Sorry??

Number #1 MF'er Shannon Moore:  Yeah, I'm sorry about that, didn't see you there man!

Totally Awesome Christian:  Is that all you can say? Sorry?!?! *Mocking him* Maaaa, Sorry, maaaa *Returns to normal voice* Do you know how much this priceless authentic sheep skin coat actually cost me?!

Number #1 MF'er Shannon Moore:  .....No......

Totally Awesome Christian:  EXACTLY! Of course you don't! Its priceless damnit, priceless!!!!

Then the Messiah of Mattitude, Matt Hardy appears on the scene and his eyes grow wide as he see's Christians coat, Shannon near by, and it isn't long before he puts 2 and 2 together and gets....well....four!! Totally Awesome Christian:  Just look what your little reekazoid did to my jacket!!!!

V1-Ahhhh Matt Hardy:  Ah no, he did that? Shannon, If i told you once, i have told you a thousand times, you just can't go around spraying a variety of different delicious sauces on random people!!

Totally Awesome Christian:  A variety of different delicious sauces?!?! What the hell....Are you getting paid to say that?!!?

V1-Ahhhh Matt Hardy:  Possibly, but thats beside the point!!

Matt turns back to Shannon

V1-Ahhhh Matt Hardy:  Now, apologize for being a little.....little.....

Totally Awesome Christian:  ....Dorkchop!!!

V1-Ahhhh Matt Hardy:  Yeah! Exactly!

Totally Awesome Christian:  Apologize, and take my damn coat to be cleaned!

Number #1 MF'er Shannon Moore:  After you talking to me like i was a child? Ha, never!

V1-Ahhhh Matt Hardy:  Shannon, no one likes a smartass....... or a dumbass for that matter! If you don't say sorry this instant Mister, I'm going to with-hold your daily dose of mattitude from you, you hear me!!!

Totally Awesome Christian:  Daily dose of what........Ugh, actually.....I don't think I wanna even know!

Number #1 MF'er Shannon Moore:  Sorry Christian!

Totally Awesome Christian:  Goddamnit, do i have to go through this with everyone, my name is Captain Charisma!

V1-Ahhhh Matt Hardy:  Now apologize propely Shannon!

Number #1 MF'er Shannon Moore:  Sorry Captain Charisma.......

Totally Awesome Christian:  With a cherry on top

Number #1 MF'er Shannon Moore:  ....Ugh, with a cherry on top!

Totally Awesome Christian:  Good, need to keep your little monkey in a cage or something, he is getting a bit excited here! I mean, I'm just hanging out here, eating some healthy food....Yes, hotdogs are very healthy you know, in preparation for my match, and boom, I'm turned in to some, some.....

V1-Ahhhh Matt Hardy:  .....Delicious dressing......

Totally Awesome Christian:  Will you stop with the adverts for a second.....seriously man, with the hell is up with you guys!! I'm trying to prepare for Mike Sanders, and Steve Corino and I get this crappy needless interuption!?! Are you two secretly working on the inside for OSE or something?

Christian takes off his stained coat and he throws it at Shannon

Totally Awesome Christian:  Monkey dirty, monkey cleans, now go do it chumpstain, and there may even be a banana in it for you!

Christian walks off in a huff

Number #1 MF'er Shannon Moore:  Jeeesh, ya would swear he had a match for something!!

Matt slaps Shannon across the back of the head for generally being a bit of a tool

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Batista; Jamie Noble (2x); Alex Wright; The Hurricane; Stone Cold Steve Austin; Sid Vicious; Kane; Buff Bagwell; Bill DeMott; Rey Mysterio; Big Show; Brock Lesnar; Hulk Hogan; The Sandman; Booker T; Mordecai; Edge

Career Achievements:
Last Ever wMe Cruiserweight Champion; wMe Slam Royal Rumble Runner Up; Most People Eliminated In The Rumble; Roleplayer Of The Week [#1]; XCW World Heavyweight Champion;  UKF Tag Team Champion; UKF Intercontinental Champion; WWE Cruiserweight Champion; PWF Intercontinental Champion; NMW Intercontinental Champion; NMW United States Champion; XZW United States Champion; wHw Hardcore Champion; GWF European Champion; GWF World Title Number One Contender Tournament Winner; wXw World Heavyweight Champion [Current]; HWF Womens Champion
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