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Your Privacy is our Top Priority ™
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What can I do with Unipeak?
The Internet was not designed with web security or user privacy protection in mind.
Each time you visit a web page, you leave personal information exposing yourself to:

  • Online consumer monitoring and profiling
  • Adware, Spyware, Trojan worms & Web bugs.
  • Online eavesdropping
  • Identity theft and online fraud
  • Intrusive marketing and advertising

Unipeak’s job is to protect your privacy by

  • Filter out unwanted advertising such as banners and popups.
  • Defeat advertiser tracking and harmful web software
  • Encrypt your computer's IP address so that you are untraceable
  • Provide a secure domain for you to access your e-mail in public locations
  • Connect securely to insecure websites.
  • Prevent monitoring of network traffic.
  • Route around networking problems.

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