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My Trip to Monster Island

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I alway's wonder and I always dream of answer's. One of my question is "If you love the girl, The girl loves you, why dont the girl realize how far you well go for her?". I made this poem for my G/F Sonya.

Roses are "RED" violets are "Blue" when I look at your picture Sonya I cant stop thinking of you. You mean so much to me. I think you should know. So why not stay with me 4-ever and i'll show you how much I love you.

This is "Sonya" my girlfriend.She's taken by me, so find another girl. If ya wanna steal her heart you can try. I love her. She so sweet, nice, cute, and so loving to me. I dont care wat ppl think of her, all I care is wat I think of her and wat she thinks of me.

** If things in this world was easy, what would be the first thing you do in your life? For me I would show sonya that I truely love her. If she doesn't believe it, I wont give up instead i'll keep goin on and tryin my best. This is a promise, not to me but to GOD.

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