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Barbies gone Bad!


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The Amazing Adventures of Mac & Pepe


Mac McTit and Pepe join together the #1 pornographic site of the year!.

"It's bad enough that kids these days are participateing in sexual experimentation, but now their dolls are showing them how to do it!" - Dr. Ronald White, Adolesent Developement Specialist

Come join us. This site is new and all, so I'm editing it right about now. Probibly not at this exact now what i mean, right?Pepe and Mac was baisically an idea, and i figured, why not, ya know? So uh sorry if it aint a professional site n all, but its my first, and ya gotta admit, it is pretty fuckin funny. So look. Enjoy yourself, and laugh.

"Barbies Gone BAD!" Creator, Lola