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Five-inch LP Doem Statue, made by LP Noi, B.E.2520s. Please notice 5-Buddha Katha on the top back Sangkhati    
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Enlarged 5-Buddha Katha on
the backside
The name of LP Doem at the front base
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LP Noi or Phra Kru NiphandDhammaKhut, LP Doem's disciple, the late Abbot of Wat NongPho between B.E.2494-2533

LP Doem 5-inch Statue,
By LP Noi, B.E.2520s
The above 5-inch LP Doem statue made by LP Noi of Wat Nong Pho in B.E.2520s. The statue form influenced by the B.E.2482 large statue and popular mini statue. At the back, there is a 5-Buddha Katha on the top of the SangKhati. Please see the enlarged picture of 5-Buddha Katha which LP Doem always used on all his amulets. The untouched lower part of the statue looks moderately old and dull. LP Doem statues, mini statues, medals, and other amulets with LP Doem's figure made by LP noi are popular and often snapped up if seen by collectors because they can be used as a substitution for LP Doem's amulets and their prices are inexpensive.       
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