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Featuring Thai amulets, charms and talismans made and blessed by Buddhist guru monks. Thai Amulets comprise many thousands. All amulets in these webpages are popular, standard and original authentic items. More and more information of Thai amulets will be posted here for public knowledge.
Executive Editor: Lek Watruak
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LP Boon's Nangkwak, Wat Klang Bangkaew, Nakonpathom. Age: Approx 80 Years

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Phra Kaew Medal | LP Chong Mini Statue  | LP Kant's Meed Moh
LP Chong's Medal | LP Kant's Statue | Chao Khun Nor's Nang Kwak
LP Sook's NangKwak | Guman Thong | LP Doem's Singharaj
LP Chong's Tapian Fish | Leela 25 Buddhasatawas
LP Od's Medal | LP Boon's Kleeb Bua
Somdej Phra PhutdhaKosacharn Medal | LP Toh's Pidta  
LP Doem Statue by LP Noi | Tai Hong Kong
LP Chong Statue | LP Wat Paknam 3rd Batch
LP Parn Statue | Phra Phuttakosdacharn Oval-shaped Amulet
Wat Wiwek Bodhi-shaped Amulet | LP Boon's Mini Nangkwak
Chao Khun Nor Small Sangkhati Medal

LP Sook's Cast Medal l LP Chaem's GumanThong B.E.2490
LP Chong's Phayant B.E.2495 | LP Niam's Amulet
Tiger-back Somdej of Dhan Chao Khun Nor
LP Nak's Somdej B.E.2495 | LP Seng's Garuda
LP Boon's Phra Pidta | Brown 25 Buddha Sattawas Leela
Somdej Toh Bronze Amulet
SomdejToh-related Amulet of Wat MaiPakBang 

Somdej Toh Rhombus Medal 2495 | 25 Sattawas Committee Medal
LP Lee Phanom Mue Amulet | LP Sothorn 2505 Medal
Somdej Toh 100th Year Commemoration Medal 
Bangyihon Great Amulet
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