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This project is totally open source. You can view the code by clicking here. If you have any suggestions or want to help on the project please email me at Sytheek (AT) redhat.poalrhome.com

  • Characters
  • Jobs
  • Game Play
  • Types of Magic

  • Characters

    Aeris - 7
    Auron - X
    Cid - 7
    Cloud - 7
    Irvine - 8
    Kimahri - X
    Leon - 2
    Lulu - X
    Paine - X-2
    Rikku - X
    Seymour - X
    Shadow - 6
    Squall - 8
    Tidus - X
    Tifa - 7
    Nanaki - 7
    Vincent - 7
    Wakka - X
    Yuna - X


    Squire: A basic Job without distinctive features.
    Basic Skill
    Typical Ability: Heal - Recover abnormal status effects without consuming MP
    Weapons: Knife, Sword, Axe, Mallet, Mace.

    Chemist: The only job that handles recovery items
    Typical Ability: Potion - Administers a liquid which restores allies' HP
    Weapons: Knight, Gun.

    Knight: A master swordsman who can destroy enemies' armor
    Basic Skill
    Typical Ability: Armor Break - Destroys armor worn on the body.
    Weapon: Sword

    Archer: The only job that can handle bows and crossbows
    Typical Ability: Charge 10 - Attacking force increases based on power accumulated
    Weapons: Bow, Crossbow

    Monk: Skilled fighters that use their bodies as weapons
    Punch Art
    Typical Ability: Wave fist - Throws balls of energy at the enermy fro ma distance
    Weapon: Bare hands

    Priest: Also known as White Mage, a master of White (Recovery) magic
    White Magic
    Typical Ability: Cure - Recovers HP, will also inflict damage on undead creates
    Weapon: Staff

    Wizard: Also known as Black Mage, casts Black (attack) magic spells
    Black Magic
    Typical Ability: Bolt - Inlficts damage by striking the target with lightening
    Weapon: Rod

    Time Mage: A user of Time magic, which controls time and space
    Time Magic
    Typical Ability - Slows down the CT of the target Unit
    Weapon: Staff

    Summoner: Calls forth powerful monsters to attack enemies
    Summon Magic
    Typical Ability: Bahamut - The fiery breath of this dragon kind sears enemies
    Weapons: Staff, Rod

    Theif: Steal money and items from the enemy
    Typical Ability: Take Gil - Steal enemies' money
    Weapon: Knife

    Geomancer: Attacks with the power of the eath
    Typical Ability: Hell Ivy - Vines attack the enemy, inflicting upon them the stop status
    Weapons: Sword, Axe

    Samurai: A powerful swordsman from a distant land
    Draw Out
    Typical Ability: Bizen Boat - Reduces MP of surrounding enemies
    Weapon: Katana

    Ninja: An expert in stealth attacks and throwing weapons
    Typical Ability: Knife - Attack enemies with expertly thrown knives
    Weapons: Ninja sword, Mace

    Game Play

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    Types of Magic

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