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By Skip
Last updated: Wednesday, Oct 10, 2007, 14:23:27 MST

Random collection of information
Added: 2007-10-09

This page is just a collection of random thoughts and information that I want to keep available.

The Hunt Weight-Loss Tracking Sheet
Added: 08/26/06

We, some of the Hunts, have set weight-loss goals and here is where we are going to track our progress.

My Vimki modifications
Added: 07/11/05

Vimki is a great little personal wiki that I'm using which acts as a plugin to vim. I've modified it a bit and so I am posting the changed version here.

VNC Connection Instructions
Added: 01/04/05

Instructions for setting up a VNC connection in two less common and slightly more difficult scenarios.

Nikon 775 Resources
Added: 12/08/04

Some web resources and gathered information about the Nikon 775 digital camera.

Desk for sale
Added: 07/08/04

Need a nice desk for your office or home office? Mine is for sale and it's got what you need.

Interesting Links
Added: 08/15/03 Modified:01/19/04
Added genealogy section.

In my meanderings around the web, I often come across interesting information. This page is dedicated to linking to that information.

Choosing A Linux Distro for Me
Added: 01/09/04

I'm in search for a better Linux distribution for home use.  I've been encouraged by some things I've read recently.

A PDA, finally...
Added: 01/09/04

PDAs have been around for what? seven, maybe 10 years now?  Well, I finally have one and I'm loving it.

Wish List
Added: 11/25/03

I want... I want... I want... mmm... What do I want? :)

Photography Links
Added: 11/25/03

Movie List
Added: 09/03/03 Modified:11/05/03
Removed extra headers.
Saw: 6th Day

This is a list of the movies that I've heard might be good that I'd like to see some time, the ones that I've seen, and the ones that I'd like to see again.

MAME Cabinet
Added: 10/21/03 Modified:10/24/03
Added links.  I didn't have any before.

BeOS, A Tribute
Added: 10/21/03

When I read about BeOS being dissolved I wrote this to thank them for what they had done.

CD Burning Information
Added: 10/16/03 Modified:10/20/03
Added a short summary for the home page.

Some programs for CDR users and a description of the SVCD to VCD header trick.

SCons Examples
Added: 09/22/03 Modified:10/20/03
Removed extra headers.

Examples of some source code and SConstruct files from my learning to use SCons.

The End of the World...
Added: 09/04/03 Modified:10/20/03
Removed extra headers.

I hate to be a doom-sayer or alarmist, but it really is high time that we were alarmed.

Why do we eat so much before going to bed?
Added: 01/31/03 Modified:10/20/03
Removed extra headers.

What are your current eating habits? If you are anything like people I know (myself included) or what the media says you should be like, dinner is a huge meal at the end of the day, after which, you roll home, grab some Tums or Rolaids and crawl into bed.

Is this wise? I don't think so.

Origin of My Skip2Planetoid Email Address
Added: 01/31/03 Modified:10/20/03
Changed titles.
Removed extra headers on page.

Where in the world did I come up with skip2planetoid for an email address?

The State of Society Today: Responsibility
Added: 10/16/03

Another article on the State of Society today.  Topic: Responsiblity is taking a back seat.  These are just my opinions and observations.  Take them with as much salt as you feel necessary.

Toshiba DVD Player: SD 3800
Added: 10/16/03

Some facts and information gleaned from about the Toshiba SD 3800.

Maxima Troubles
Added: 10/14/03

I have a '99 Nissan Maxima SE.  It is a beautiful car which has recently had the Service Engine Soon light come on.  Here are links to sites with info and things that I've done.

Added: 10/10/03

Compiled reviews of sergers.

CenterICQ - Colored Service Names
Added: 10/09/03

Ever wondered which service a contact connects through when using centericq? Well, with this patch service names are colored to match the varying contact colors.

Personal Restructuring
Added: 08/15/03

With the help of my wife, I've recently come to the realization that I have a very ineffective workspace. This is what I've decided to do about it.

Added: 01/28/03

I have recently added the dhcp patch to this site. If you aren't linking here from the dhcp-server at mailing list, then you probably don't know what I'm talking about.

Project Management
Added: 01/21/03

Scheduling can be a painful experience involving complicated tools and unrealistic expectations. I've been there. Now, here is what I'm trying and it seems to be working pretty well.

New Look
Added: 01/20/03

Getting Started with CityDesk
Added: 03/01/02

A quick jump-start for CityDesk, written by Fog Creek Software founder Joel Spolsky.

Listen in as Bubba and Billy go hunting in Afghanistan (2.3MB).
Mortal Kombat Theme Song - Annihilation (3.04MB). The Toronto Song (Toronto sux) (2.61MB).
Windows 98 Crashes with Bill Gates (1.47MB).


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