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Gefax Screen Shots(Vers 0.4-1)

Full desktop view (1024x768)

Entire Desktop 1024 x 768

Received fax listing. A fax may be viewed, printed or deleted from the "History"

Received fax listing (History)

The Address book with a test contact

Address Book

Edit / Add contact dialog box

Edit/Add contact dialog

Viewing a received fax

Fax Viewer

Setup dialog with the Fax tab displayed. This shows the new "experimental" text wrap feature

Setup Dialog

Receive fax dialog with several options

Receive Fax Dialog

Adding a fax number for sending a fax - with address book selection expanded

Add Fax Number For Faxing - Showing Add From Address Book

Enter a number for polling - similar dialog to the add numbers with access to your address book

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