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Sección Indecente
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It is not fiction...

"I'm going down the luck town... I wanna lose these blues I've found"

Esta es mi sección Indecente, que no es más que un espacio para vaciar todo el egocentrismo generado por mi.


Although Monster Island is a real place, the proprietors do not want the location to become too well known, fearing that twould then be overrun by the greatest monster of all: man. So my trip there was planned in secret and I had to remain blindfolded during my flight. But it was all worth it, Monster Island was the best vacation I've ever had. Being able to walk up to a 20 foot high bug was just about the coolest thing in the world. I thought the giant ape and other "Monsters" on the island would be in cages, or inaccessible, but tare quite friendly and accessible.