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Beverley Mitchell was raised in Arcadia, CA is an only child of David, an Indy racing
organiser, and Sharon, an office manager. She has always loved performing.
When she was young, her mother would set up cameras all about her house in
order to capture Bev's passion.

Beverley Mitchell landed her career as an actress at the age of four while at a
shopping mall with her mother. At this time, begining a career was no where on
Beverley's mind; but one toy for sure was. Only her mom didn't want to buy it for
her just yet. Beverley didn't like this and, therefore began to throw a fit until she
got her way. Meanwhile, a talent manager-standing nearby-was noticing
Beverley's "spunk", and decided to hand them his business card.

About a year later, Beverley had a role in an AT&T commercial. This first role,
and her big debut, was not going to come as easily as expected. With 15 minutes
left of filming, a prop fell on Bev, gashing her knee wide open. However, Bev
didn't want to see the injury until production was completed, so she stood it out,
and finished the commercial. (As soon as she saw her knee she screamed.)
Beverley would pick up many roles in the future, including guest parts in
Quantum Leap, Baywatch, Melrose Place, and a lead role in "The Crow II: City of

Once again though, Beverley would hit a rough spot in her career. Just as her
new life as Lucy Camden in a Family of Seven was beginning in 1996, her family
of three in the real world was coming to an end. When her parents decided to
split up, her father moved to San Diego, while Bev and her mom moved to , a
suburb of L.A. Bev still maintains a good relationship with her dad, however the
majority of her time is spend with her mom.

It wasn't until about one year later, in the Summer of '97, when tough times hit
again. Only this time it was much worse. , a close friend of Bev, died in a car
accident. So as always, Bev looked to her ability to perform for relief, and Aaron
Spelling decided to write the experience into the script, giving her a second
chance to deal with her emotions, and somewhat fix some things that she felt she
had done wrong.

Through all of this, Beverley is still having the "time of her life" with balancing her
share of acting and having fun with her freinds and with school. Bev considers
herself to be somewhat "religous". She believes in God, and has faith that all
things will work out for the good.