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This site is dedicated to Series 60 mobile phones such as n6600,n3650,n6630,n-gage,etc

With your support for the wide-spread of this site, I believe that it can become a grand success

This site is owned and managed by Hariharan.V. ( )


First let me introduce you what a Series 60 phone means.... It's a kinda OS, like MS Windows XP for the computers, its the interface for the phone. The functions of it are endless as that of a computer, there are a lot of softwares to install (whether you buy or get it cracked) you can make your phone a micro-computer. For example, you can have an answering machine in your device, you can read and send e-mail messages,  you can read your Word, Exel & Power Point files in it, you can also read Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files in it, You can listen to music, browse websites, watch movies, and a lot more... that's why I tell you that possibilities are endless. Most of the owners of such mobile phones don't get the proper source to download from. So, That's why I've brought this website to get you all the needs.

I have a yahoo group from where you can download all the necessary software, or upload if you think some thing is missing. If this is carried on successfully then it would be of very good use for all the Series 60 users.

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