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Me - 1 0W|\| j00 411 =P
CloudStrife (Chris) - So many MMORPGs, so little time, eh?
Megacomico (Eric) - w00t for RM2k! Hopefully you're game/gaming goes well!
Danelle - *See Angela*
Angela - *See Danelle*
Liz - HeY! tHaNkS fOr BeInG cOoL & hElpIn' Me OuT!
Nicole - Watch it; those ninja stars hurt when you throw them! lol
EliteMan - Inferno Network Spam!
Darth Greus - Who should it be, Mario or Link? lol =D
Ash - Hamtaro is on Toonami now... you can stop going insane
Gage - Damn AssRammer! lol, just kiddin. Howz the Zerg =D?
Wally - How are the Korean/Japanese faces treating you =P?
Stephen (P1mp) - Hardcore crackhead/programmer =P
Cat - What's the air/speed velocity of a swallow? European or African?
Karalyn - Chris isn't fake! I don't think so at least O_o
Amanda (the Weezer-obsessed one) - Have fun being the section leader now; don't forget about Aragorn and Legolas!
Gabbi - Good poems! (seriously)
Jon - Trying to kill us all?!?! AGAIN?!
Brandon - You're scaring the populas
Bre - Stay the way you are: nice and non-threatening ^-^
Jenna - howz Canada?
Courtney - How iz your volleyball?
Craig - Skateboarding is fun, yet you've broken bones I've heard
Rachel - Keep Craig from breaking anymore bones
Paige - Don't get lost in your house now; it's big enough to do so just about
JJ - Keep my cousin Rachel in line; or at least if she's on it at all
Amanda - Its Guimaraes - No, not Gooeymaryaryez - say it again! ><;;;
Karl - Cartoons = funny
Meagan - Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it - but the bridge can be just a plank of wood, it doesn't require certain angles, etc.
Anny - Does Amy need your homework? If not, that's good; I think >.O
Ben - Stick Shift it up your exhaust pipe and choke it >=)
Sean - Sled off the roof and go urban sledding!
Sang - It's tickle-me Sang Wang; lmao
Stefan - j00 31337 h4X0r j00 =P
Reefer - (he told me to put this in for him) That one moment when she was sandwhiched between the two Finnish dwarves and the maori tribesman, I thought I could spend the rest of my life with her.
Paul - ASSHEAD!!!
Zentras (S,Z,A) - Blue VS Green... uh oh
Heather - Don't worry, you'll get Shinji someday.
Lauren - Pepsi + Whiskey = Not Good; lol
Brittany - what does Dum Yum Yum mean anyhow?
Julie - Hopefully your head is alright now ><;; at least you made cheerleading though, right?
Ashley - Still friends, right? ^-^
Travis - Don't beat up the females
Rachel - Beat up Travis; double-team him with your friend Shelly XD
Brit - Hey! ^_^
Laura - Constant insults! AHHH >_<;;; Why me?? lol
Gabbi (another one :-P) - Ha! You'll have to kill me so I stop liking you! No... stop... put down the shotgun...
Sarah - Say "hello" to Mr. Sassy Pants for me; lol
Amanda B. - Shake your Tiki!...Just don't light it O_o;

Yes, if you want me to make you a shoutout, just ask.