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Ragnarok Online

by Codemaster

R.I.P. To Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online was a good game in the early stages until it began to seep around the internet. Then, thousands and thousands of people flocked to it to play the beta. Servers became laggy, hacked and full of bots that were as numberous as 1 bot to ever 2-5 actual players! Gravity eventually shut down the English side of Ragnarok Online for 3 months and that's where it stands now while the Japanese side is still in Beta 2 and the Korean side is going into the commercial version.
Codemaster gives it a rating: 3 / 10

Needs Major Work

by Shujaku

I think Ragnarok Online has alot of bugs to fix but other than that its a real good game. When i first played it, they didnt have muchs bugs then but there was alot of bots. For a while now they have been shutdown and theres been a rumor that it will be back by 9/20/02.

Shujaku gives it a 7 / 10 (so far)

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