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Neverwinter Nights

by Codemaster

When I first heard about Neverwinter Nights, I heard it was based on the Dungeons & Dragons gameplay, which I thought was awesome since I play Magic: The Gathering (who is made by the same people as D&D, Wizards of the Coast).

So, I started playig it, and it was first. I started playing and then it got a bit boring when I had to go into the jail since you usually would wander around for 5-10 minutes figuring out how to get inside the dang place. After that, then you'd have to bash through tons of escaped jailpersons and then flip switches and a bunch of other stuff that was pretty annoying. The boss was just very odd; you had to "wake up" many soldiers, then kill one and then kill the parasite that was inside his brain; fun.

I felt it was getting boring so I just went and started to make my own MOD. It's not the greatest, but it's alright; you can download it here or below. It's not the best MOD (maybe not even a popular one either; lol), but it just shows how you can customize many things thanks to the level editor.

The Level Editor gives NWN a large replay value, since you can start completely new quests and stories, almost an entire new "game." That's what gives NWN a higher rating than just 4 (since it was very annoying and odd in the single player mode).

Either way, NWN is a great game if you play user-made levels and it's an "ok" game in the pre-made levels. Bioware had a great idea... they just made it very annoying; lol.

Codemaster gives it a rating: 7 / 10
Good Game!

Quantum MOD

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