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These files are only here temporarily for those of you who have asked for them. They may not be here tomorrow. If one of these listed links is down, let me know and I can fix it, or just send the file to you.

SAU Address List    34 KB
This is the info list for my Ambrosian circle of friends. New and Improved! With easy readability features!!!

Interesting text editing project...    52 KB
Whoever put this together initially put quite a bit of work into it.

World's Greatest Pitch    860 KB
This for the birdies.

Great fight scene flash    1.35 MB
This is one of the best examples of action comedy flash I've ever seen.

Graphics I have created recently:      First draft, base for second    348 KB      Second draft (Rings are beveled glass)    434 KB      Most Recent    438 KB
I'm really proud of these. Not because they were extremely difficult to make, they weren't that bad, but because I made them...a small accomplishment if you will... ;)