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Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa

Arinthum Ariyamalum, Therinthum Theriyaamalum, Naangal Seitha sagala kutrangalayum poruthu, Kaathu Rakshikka vendu, Sri Sathayamaaya ponnu pathinettam Padi mel Vaazhum Sri Sathya santhan, Sabari gereeshan poorna pushkalamba sametha, kaashi rameshwaram paandi malayalam adakki aalum, Om sri harihara sudan aanandan ayyan ayyappa swamiye saranam ayyappa.

Ayyappa Bhaktha Samithi [ABS], an organization found during the 70s? [Will post the exact information once i get it], its been growing every year from then, steered by a group of staunch ayyappa devotees, this group has been excelling every year. One of the early founders & members of this comittee was Mr R M - Ramamurthy. He has been the strong support in growing this comittee and making it a success story. The Samithi has now grown into a very matured one under the leaderhsip of Mr.K.R.Krishnan the president, Mr.V.P.Krishnan the secretary Mr R.Kumar, Mr Rajamani, Mr K.S.Ganesan and many other devotees. The samithi has completed its 38th year Laksharchana & Saathapreethi celebrations sucessfully this december.

Yearly trips to the holy shrine

Every year, the samithi organizes trips to the holy shrine and the schedule is pretty much the same. June ~~ A 3 day trip to the shrine [Walk from Pamba] November ~~ A 3-4 day trip to the shrine [Walk from Pamba] January ~~ A 6-7 day trip [Walk from Erumeli]. The samithi takes care of the food, accomodation & transportation during the whole journey. Any personal expense like shopping etc should be beared by the individuals. With the personal experice, i would say, the trip will be organized to perfection. Every minute detail will be taken care and the whole trip will pretty smooth one. The devotee has to just think about the holy shrine and the lord throughout the journey and rest is taken care by the samithi.

Accomodation at the Holy Hills

With the blessings of the Harihara puthran, the Samithi has recently built a set of rooms at the holy sabarimala hills. Every year, the samithi gives its room on reservation basis to other groups/devotees.

Some of the best places to visit

Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa