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February 1, 2004

starting out this webpage thing is depriving me of the much needed exposure to ethan frome. this week has been pretty interesting so far. wrote an arguementative essay on photgraphy in ap lang. and we continued our discussion of kidney stones and other miscellaneous things in latin 2.

lunch today was a bit more eventful with a few more people joining us for the half hour. it was filled with sneaky sneaking and attempted food-napping.

in journalism, while everyone else did court cases, i simply did two definitions. which were:

censorship [prior restraint] : governmental prohibition on expression before the expression actually takes place.

sedition : individuals who criticized government, Congress or the President in speech or print would have been fined or jailed. 

you should gain some knowledge by reading any of these entries. this is only for your benefit, aren't i considerate? one day, as you take an exam, you'll remember this little tidbit of information and thank me one day.

anyways, we really need to have some snow tonight. or soon, not on weekends. hooray for two hour delays, they're really something special.

job of the day:

curator: a person who is in charge of a museum. I was lucky to meet the curator of the museum.

^_^ i vow to be smart.