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Steve Zolnierzak (Drums)

Location: Swissvale

Birthday: July 2, 1985

Equipment: Pearl 9 piece played as a 7 piece (2 22in. bass drums, 10, 14, 16, 18in. toms 14in snare), Paiste 18in. china, Sabian 16 and 18in. rock crashes and 20in. ride, Zildjian 14in. shimitar hats, ROCK and Percussion Plus hardware (I think), and any brand 5A sticks.

Past Bands: Nocturnal Awakening, Street Legal, Leprosy (formerly Freek), Souls For Sale, HCH

Favorite Band's: There's too many but top 5 I'd have to say
1) Metallica
2) Motely Crue
3) Judas Priest
4) Candlebox
5) Stone Temple Pilots

Quote: Live fast, die young, leave a good lookin' corpse. (Ronnie Vanzant)