Five people, once apart of 3 different bands at one time, played together at concerts but finally have found each other. Those 5 kids are, bassist Big-E (McKeesport), singer and guitarist Jon (McKeesport), guitarist PJ (McKeesport), lead singer Aaron (McKeesport), and Drummer Steve (Swissvale). How did we get it all together? How did we come up with Norramic? All those questions and more will be answered.

This story has to start before the discussions between different members and before we all met. Why, because this is not a band that started, its a Family and has not been our first band. See, this a band whose members have been in at least 1 band before this one. This is a band that has members with experience and knows what it's like to not be accepted but have accepted each other. Big-E was in a band named Two-Faced and was in that band for about 1 or 2 years before its departure. How did they break up? Why did they break up? Because the band just got unglued. By this I mean that once their drummer left their band only to come back and take one last stab at it again, things turned upside down and became unstable. He left because he didn't feel the songs they were writing fit his style. The band went through a struggle to find his replacement; he never came. Once the band parted ways, Big-E, his lead guitarist and drummer took one last stab at it; it failed. They didn't live up to his standards and they also had communication problems as they tried to look for a singer. They wanted a singer who can sing like a grunge type but Big-E wanted a real singer. We'll come back to this in a moment.

PJ and Jon, however, have known each other Since 7th Grade, Where they became best friends. They were in a band called Epoch but before Epoch there was Koncrete. It was a small band with Dennis, PJ, Kurt,  Jon and Alex that went no where, but there grew a friendship. Epoch came to be with Jon, PJ, Aaron, Marshall, Jim and Brandon.  So, of course Jon, PJ, and Aaron played in the same band and at one time played on the same stage as Two-Faced as those 2 bands opened up for what I think to be one of the best local bands here, Driven. The band split leaving those 3 looking for other band mates.

Back to Big-E who was looking for a new singer. While the ex Two Faced members were looking for a singer, the type of singer wasn't agreed on. Since Epoch has broken up and that means Aaron was available, talk with Big-E and Aaron heated up to the point where they both agreed on sticking with each other and having Big-E try to get Aaron in his band. The others weren't having it and didn't want Aaron, not even a try out for him so Big-E packed his bass and left and went on with his project with Aaron. So that means a singer and a bassist need a drummer and some guitarists. Well, Aaron called his old buddies from Epoch and to no avail, Jon and PJ joined forces with Aaron and E. (The best Idea)

Now Norramic needed a drummer. Someone not controlled by the rules or the opinions of others. Norramic has had may drummers in the past. In Fact they have gone though more drummers than a whore with condoms and or birth control. There is one though who is as crazy as the rest of us. Steve is back and this time it means total chaos. 

With the last piece in place, they needed a band name. One day PJ looked at his pack of cigarettes. PJ and Jon smoke Cimarron Brand cigarettes just because they are poor and they need the nicotine. Take Cimarron and spell it backwards. What do you get? Norramic! There you have it; a band was born, created, and ready to kick ass at a venue near you.