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Kawakami Gensai

Gensai Kawakami lived from 1834 to 1871. He was said to be th best of the four greatest assasins of the Bakumatsu era in the nineteenth century Japan. The Japanese word for assasin is hikatori which literally traslates into English as person slayer. He was a key figure in the overthrow of the Tokugawa Shogunate.
Komori Gengiro was his birth name, however it was changed after he was adoted by the Kawakami family to become a priest. His appearence was very odd because at first glance. He could be mistaken for a woman. He was always calm in a difficult situation which is probably why he was able to stay behind in a burning building. When everyone else was gone and put it out. Unfortunatly, the government he had fought so hard for tried him on false charges because of his opinions, and he was executed in 1871.
His technique with a lighting fast sword was Furanui Kenjutsu. He was a very cold person, the most terrible of the four assasins. He would run over opponents and cut them down. He was most famous for killing Kuma Shouzan in the middle of the day.

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